Embracing your beautiful age…

Being in mid-forties, a lot of things are  happening to us. Your hair starts to gray, your eyes start weaking, your bones may start cracking , and so on.

Then you get to the age you realize, damn I used to call people my age “ancient” or “old” . Then you start wondering if that child or teen you’re talking to considers you as “ancient” or “old”. 

Some of us try to hide our beautiful age. Some hide their grays by coloring them. Some deny wearing reading glasses we need because it is a sign of  aging. Some start looking at plastic surgeries to get rid of wrinkles. 

I am at that point in life that I am embracing my age.I am actually at my most comfortable age in life. I am growing my grays, wearing progressive lenses and I have not considered cosmetic surgery not even botox. I was never ashamed to tell people how old I am.

I wish a lot of women will start accepting their age. Think of it as wine, we get better as we age if we take care of ourselves physically and emotionally.  Flaunt those grays! Wear those multi-focals! Let your wrinkles be a sign of greatness! Empower each other. Life does start after thirty. We know more than the young ones. We have more experiences! Instead of greeting each other with “wow you got grays!” or ” here’s my plastic surgeon’s number get rid of those wrinkles”, try greeting with each other with positive notes like “wow I love how you’re rocking those grays!” or “you’re beautiful!”. Women will be happier at our age and more accepting. And don’t be afraid to find your style. Why wear “granny” pants and those orthopedic shoes when you can still wear those jeans & heels. 

Love yourself! You are beautiful no matter what age you are! We all can age gracefully!


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