The Presbyopic Age…

Turning into the forties is not an age every body look forward to. They said it all goes down hill from there! Body changing, metabolism slowing down and oh my bifocals!!! Yikes! 

Working in the eye care field for 26 years, I hear it every day, the denial of wearing reading glasses or bifocals. Now that I have joined the forty-something age group, it is not that bad at all. Let me give you some insights how I am embracing this thing called “presbyopia”.  Presbyopia just means our eye muscles’ ability to focus on reading is getting weaker. It is part of the aging process…yes I said it “aging”! 

 To some people, hearing from the eye doctor that you need reading or multi-focals is like getting a bad news like as if you caught some std or something. It actually hit me before I turned forty! I admit I was in denial for a bit. 

It is really not that bad. I recommend getting digital progressives. It does not have lines or look like “old people” glasses. You have vision for distance, computer and reading. Aesthetically it is better than bifocals. Definitely get anti-reflective coating to reduce eye strain and glare,great  for night driving  and computer.It is also great for selfies , look how you can see roght throigh the lenses in my photo below. Pair it with some nice frames that compliment your style and personality. It can get pricey but it is functional,you have vision for distance, computer and reading, all on one! . It is part ofnyour wardrobe and image too. As an optician I tell people I am not a sales person I am your “pharmacist for the eyes” (as I fill eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions) , and your fashion consultant focusing on the image and functionality for your lifestyle needs with  the latest technology in vision care. I love my profession, it is a mix of medical, fashion and technology. Not all of you ever think of it that way but that’s how I see it. 

Make sure you are fitted by a licensed optician. A lot of opticals have more sales peope than opticians. There is a big difference!!! Sales person can sell you any thing but us opticians we tell you what your eyes need and we can tell you the essentials of why you need them.

Wearing multifocals is not an “age” thing anymore, it is how we use our eyes. With the computer age we have younger patients wearing progressives. Don’t let the word Presbyopia , bifocals or reading  glasses scare you.  It is part of life, sooner or later , it will hit you just like gray hair. Hahaha.

(Photo: Me with my favorite glasses, with progressives and anti-reflective coating)


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