When was the last time you did something new? 

There is always a first time for everything. Since I turned forty-five last year and had a few trips to the ER more than I ever had in my lifademe really think about the goals and plans I have.  They are mainly about doing new things. 

I just turned forty-six a couple of weeks ago and I am feeling more adventurous than ever. The first new thing I will be doing is traveling solo.  My destination…Cuba. Why Cuba? Why not?! Now that Cuba has opened her door to us Americans, why not?! Cuba I think will wake all of my senses. My eyes will see the beautiful time frozen in its cities with classic cars and old mansions. My tastes will enjoy the food of what local Cubans eat. My ears will hear the beautiful sounds of Cuba. And i will feel the Cuban wind or heat against my skin. My senses will definitley be having a feast of color, sounds , sight and tastes in Cuba.

Unfotunately I only have five days in Cuba. I will concentrate my new solo travel adventure in Havana. I cannot wait to share this upcoming adventure with you all.

Tell me when was the last time you did something new? What was it?


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