Finally..No Plans!

Finally have a Friday and Saturday off from work.  I usually work weekends and have two week days for days off.

 I did not set my alarm clock today but I still woke up early and thought I was late for a doctor’s appointment. Checked my calendar on my iphone and to see nothing scheduled   for today. Double checked today’s date and realized my appointment is not until next week. Even on my days off there is always something scheduled for me to do. It is so nice to finally have nothing on the agenda today. Finally some free time!!!

I tried going back to sleep some more but my mind would not let me. I ended up playing a game on my phone after I did my morning ritual of brushing my teeth,washing my face and my morning business on the porcelain thrown. What?! Like you ladies don’t sit on the thrown first thing in the morning? We all have to empty out our bladder and whatever else is brewing in the stomach. Hahahha.

Now what am I to do? There is always something to do! But what?! So i guess today I will attempt to do some house chores like when I stayed home for a couple of years to do the “good housewife, stay at home mom”  kind of things… without the baby, she’s an adult now. I loved those days when I had time to do things around the house. But now moving back to the Tri-State area from Florida for a little more than 10 years, I really haven’t got a time to enjoy a relaxing day where I am not rushed or have to do anything even on my days off like today. I literally have nothing planned  in my schedule except bake a cake for my coworker’s birthday I plan to bring tomorrow on my day off to make her day brighter. Maybe I will  attempt to do some Spring Cleaning since it is  a rainy day, I don’t need to be anywhere ….note I said “attempt”…hehehe. Maybe go to the grocery too , it’s time to stock up this weekend anyway. It all depends on how I feel on this rainy day. 

Maybe today I will just try to relax and destresss as my doctor recomended.  . I will make my self brunch, sip my tea without rushing to gulp things down like in the mornings before going to work. Maybe even have a mimosa. Do a little bit of meditation and yoga…now that I have time. (Being a dancer and dance fitness instructor, I never thought I would like yoga as I always did the energetic kind of work outs). A gown up bybble bathsounds pretty   good too!Then maybe catch up on some shows. Read some pages of the book I bought last month. Anything goes today. 

Today , I will go with the flow with no planning. Just do whatever I want. Maybe I will do nothing as some times it is okay to do nothing but relax! This is what forty something year old busy working people look forward to…a day or two with no plans! 


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