Don’t Let Stress Take Over You!!!

I had my physical exam last thursday and got my bloood test result today.

The doctor recommended a regimen to mainly destress. My body is having panic attacks because of stress. My pressure is up because of stress. I am up and down with my weight because of stress. Stress…stress…stress is taking over me! But I am not going to let that happen any longer! 

I am in a two week observation, monitoring my blood pressure. I have to measure my blood pressure for two weeks. My pressure has been high since my last trip to the emergency room ,last Saturday. Today was alarmingly high ,that it scared me. I never had it this high in the morning when I just woke up.  The doctor told me my blood pressure goes up depending on my stress level. 

After I did a quick meditation and talked to my manager to let her know Im not feeling well my blood pressure went down. The tense feeling on my left side decreased and my tingling/numbing  fingers are back to normal. Is it because I feel a little relief from whatever was stressing me?!

I couldn’t sleep well the last three nights. I have been tossing , turning and consciously waking up in the middle of my sleep. There must be something bothering me that I cannot get more than 5 hour sleep.

There’s always stress in life. Being a single working mom is a lot to handle. I lost both my parents who were both my best friends (13 years ago for mom and 10 years ago for dad) and ever since then I think I have not really got to finish the “grieving period” especially Im an only child with nobodyto really   talk to. Raising and supporting my daughter alone was not an issue. I am blessed with a wonderful child who is now growing to be a wonderful young lady. I did not have any problems raising her. She actually makes my life easier than expected. She helps me with a lot of things and one of them is to keep me calm and sane.  But this year we also had an unfortunate event that broke my heart as a mother. But we are okay now. It is more heart breaking than breaking up with my exes . To see your child hurt is the most devestating thing ever but she is strong  and bounced on her feet right away. I, on the other hand , was weaker handling the situation. Life sometimes throws us curve balls that sometimes we don’t quite know what to do at that monent that we feel  overwhelmed.  Then we bounce back ,but, being a strong person who is used to doing everything by yourself is sometimes notas good either. Strong people tend to hold feelings inside that we don’t realize that it makes us stressed and makes us sick physically. Mental stress manifest physical stress. 

Work stress on the other hand is another level of stress .But I think what made it stressful is that when you work for somebody your health is not something a lot of companies care for most of the time. When a worker is sick ,don’t give them the pressure or make them feel bad for calling out because they are not well enough to come in.Employers need to know that a healthy employee works better when they come in  feeling well mentally and physically. In a big city like NYC, our commute to work is long and stressful. We are stressed before we get to work. To top it off most people get only 30 minute lunch breaks. And rarely go home on time after long days of work. When you get home we still have work to do at home with our families.I did leave my medical profession for three years and work on the industry I am passionate about and made my talents work for me. I made much less money but I was happier. I went back to my medical profession because I had to when my medical bills started to pile up. I have only been in it for 8 months but my stress level is back and maybe even more as o have been getting sick again.I am now reconsidering of totally leaving the field once I save a little bit more money and pursue my passions again. Stress at work can also make you sick. Money does not solve eveything. 

I will be forty six in a  few weeks. I plan to destress. I have to take care of my health, my mind , body and soul. I started yoga and meditation to help destress. I planned a trip to Cuba in May to destress. My doctor even recommended to go on vacations  and get massage therapy often to destress. And mentally the doctor recommended to go to anxiety and stress management sessions with a professional/psychiatrist just to have somebody to talk to without judgement and feel better. Stress took over me this past year. As I enter my forty sixth year , I plan to enjoy life more and not let stress control over me again!

If you feel life is overwhelming, You are not alone. It is okay to take a break and get help. Let’s Enjoy Living!


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