Finally it feels like Spring in NYC…will Spring stay with us?

The weather has been up and down.The weather gods seem to be bipolar this year. We had frigid snowy and rainy weather one day the the next day the temperature jumps up 20 degrees warmer like it was spring in winter and vice versa. We didn’t know when to put away our winter clothes or keep the summer clothes out. Do we wear boots or do we wear sandals???

Today in NYC it feels like Spring. The temp will be at high of 60 but rainy just like a spring day. But even if it is warmer tonight the temp will drop back down and tomorrow back to late winter/pre-spring temp in the 40s. Im wearing less layer today but still have a light coat on. I am happy when I see signs of Spring. Will flowers start to  bloom with spring showers? Am I going to be able to wear my pretty dresses again? Will I be able to put away my boots, coat, and the rest of my winter wear away? 

I am sitting here on the train and see the weekend commuters with different types of outerwear. Some have coats, some have light jackets and some are just in sweaters. Did i over dress for the weather or am I just dressed right? Spring…how long will you stay? I really love Spring. 


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